Our goal is to work with the project team to combine the positive aspects of the site with the architecture and the Client's program into a unique plan that is appropriate in style & scale. Our plans also maximizes the Client's ability to use and enjoy their property both inside and outside. The following is a basic outline of our design process. We use this as a point of beginning and it can be tailored to meet the needs of the Client.

1) INITIAL CONSULTATION -- Meet with Client and other project consultants to discuss concepts, goals, objectives, schedules, and budget. After this meeting we develop a proposal of services. Meetings & proposals at this stage are complimentary within the DFW area.

2) SITE ANALYSIS -- Once we are part of the project team, we visit the site to photograph and document existing conditions, opportunities, and constraints. We also review all available relevant information such as surveys, legal data, building plans, elevations, codes, guidelines, etc.

3) CONCEPTUAL DESIGN -- At this stage we synthesize the Client's program with the above analysis while using our creativity to produce an preliminary design which ties together the architecture & landscape holistically.


4) PROBABLE COST -- Once the conceptual design has been approved we can generate a cost estimate to ensure design is within the Client's budget.

5) DESIGN DEVELOPMENT -- Upon approval of the above estimate, we continue to develop and refine the plan. We also prepare design sections, elevations, and details to further explain the design intent. Selection of hardscape & softscape materials also begins at this stage.

6) CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS -- The CDs provide the necessary information to bid and build the project. Typical plans included in this phase are layout & materials, grading & drainage, planting, details, and specifications. We also coordinate with other consultants to provide irrigation & lighting plans.

7) BIDDING -- We assist the Client in selecting and short listing bidders. Then, we assist in evaluating the bids and selecting contractors.

8) CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION -- To ensure that the design is built as intended and costs are controlled, we provide site observation at critical junctures & milestone. This can be conducted via daily, weekly, or monthly site visits depending on the project size, complexity, and Client's needs.